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Eleni Danesi is a BODY-SPACE architect, MOVEMENT artist, and researcher on Somatic Architecture, the practices of the embodiment of physical and virtual spaces through the awareness of movement. She specializes in movement improvisation as a method for achieving somatic and spatial awareness and building bodily and spatial perception. She focuses her research on the philosophy of movement and bodily-obtained knowledge for a personalized understanding of our inner spaces in dialogue with outer architectures and the spaces we inhabit.


Navigating through a variety of fields that explore human perception and spatial behaviors, she creates concepts for practices of embodied spatial exploration, with the aim to contribute to the movement of embodied design, the enactive approach to architecture, and the practice of movement as a creative thinking process. In her practice, she uses traditional crafting techniques, traditional building processes as well as new technologies to observe human somatic responses, emotional shifts, and mental activities that reflect our connection and relation to the evolving world and our pace of adaptation.


Her multidisciplinary research is manifested through a variety of expressive media (ground and aerial movement, action painting, embroidery, sculpting, visual media, and writing), exploring the interconnections between the various practices filtered through the same body. She has facilitated several experimental movement workshops internationally and she is the founder of LatoMeio, an artistic project on the intersection of Architecture, Performing Arts, and the Neuroscience of Movement.


She lives between Leonidio (GR), Berlin (DE), and Linz (AT) where she is currently working at Ars Electronica Festival, as a speaker and program manager for the Founding Lab of the Institution of Digital Sciences in Upper Austria, a new Institution on interdisciplinary Studies of Digital Sciences, New Technologies, and Mixed Media Arts.

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Leonidio, South Kynouria, 

22300, Peloponnese


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