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coding the body skin to landscape with t

December 07, 2018


"Bodies as Mountains", are a series of illustrated bodies in transformation.
This project was inspired by my connection to rock formations while climbing.
The rock is structuring the movement of the body and it changes its shape in a literal and metaphorical way.

"These illustrations don't represent bodies nor mountains. They are representations of a body landscape translated through an algorithm into a digital landscape inspired by mountains. I am focusing on the process of development of the image, starting from the physical body as a sculpture being photographed, mapping its curves and lines, translating into a 3d model of lines that I reorganize in an abstract rock formation which is not so far from being seen as a landscape made of fabric."

November 16, 2017

Me Myself and Ei


by LatoMeio Project-Eleni Danesi  {residency in Berlin, Summer 2017}


The landscapes around us are not present only in one form, thus they can't be interpreted through one medium. Shifting our creativity between different modes of expression, we stimulate our imagination and train our brain to interpret the landscapes that surround us from different angles, various points of view.


This 4-month-research brings one's self to the center of attention. Observing and documenting one's body, one's attitude, eating habits, states of mood (what, when, why), selfishness and narcissism, attempts of connectivity, a pile of memories was slowly organized. Today, elements of this pile will slowly be revealed in a series of post-produced imageries.

February 15, 2016

Stories of a TIGER

Eleni Danesi


A series of paintings in floating water.Combinations of colors that reflect part of my inner world. Colorful choices that at a certain moment performed a reaction in my brain. This reaction is a part of me that I choose to share with the world. 

Body Copies

A copy of something is never the same. Is a uniques same thing. With the body copies I create, I want to emphasize the uniqueness of those body parts, reveal their inner space and redefine their relationship to the whole. 


Part of this work was presented at the exhibition Original Copies, organized by the K&K architects, in Thessaloniki, in 2014, at Dynamo Art Space. 

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