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Somatic Architecture 
Embodied Democracies 

Somatic Architecture 
Embodied Democracies 

This 4-session-laboratory will give a comprehensive overview of our approach to TOUCH from different perspectives and will prepare the participants to explore their bodies in their own time and spaces.

This is the second version of Touch Laboratory and is created under the theme "Embodied Democracies", which is my current artistic research on embodied politics in Urban Spaces. 

Together we will reflect, through practices of Body-Mind-Space mindfulness, movement improvisation & mental mapping, on the ways democratic or UN-democratic sensations are generated within the body as a result of socio-political encounters.

  • Which practices and which spaces favor democratic coexistences between humans and other than human entities?

  • Which gestures wire us to genuinely share vital space and which wire us into fearful and unpredictable moves? 

  • What is the role of our imaginary spaces in the creation of new DEMOCRATIC UTOPIAS?


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