coding the body skin to landscape with t

mountain bodies , 2018

[digital art]

Body Landscapes | Selfportrait , 2018

[digital art]

of Bricks & Walls, 2018

[digital art]

The greek Dowry, Η προίκα, 2013

[digital photo collage]

Volos City ala Wassily Kandinsky, 2012


Door 1, 2013

Door 2, 2013

The element of Crime, illustrated, 2013

[pen on rice paper]

carpets, 2016

cave study, 2013

[ink on paper]

molding the void, 2013

[digital art]

Tiles, 2013

[digitalized object]

Typotopographies, 2015

[digitalized photo]

So-mAt-ic, magazine cover sample,2015

[digitalized embroidery piece]

Drawing improvisations based on music improvisations,  2014

[one-line-drawing, pencil on paper]

The pleasure of rituals_The rituals of pleasure, book cover, 2015

[pencil & ink on paper]

Drawing improvisation in VOLUMES, 2014

[one-line-drawing generated]

crystal cities, 2012

[pen on paper]