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Which face do I show you today ?

self portrait during COVID-19

1_Eleni_the tooth of the lion.jpg



Dead flowers is Me

Self portrait 1 : "Löwenzahn"
Self portrait 2 : "Dead flowers is Me"
Self portrait 3 : "The colorful sealed face. See but don't speak woman!"

Being not really sure about my identity in the Corona lockdown, I experienced several inner reactions and attempts to understanding myself. Is it what we carry inside that defines ourselves in a strange and completely new environment or are we becoming who we are in relation to and influenced by the environments we inhabit each and every moment? : was my most prominent question. 

Finding myself locked in the unknown city of Linz, I decided to give a chance to the city to transform and shape my thoughts and guide my creativity. While walking on the hill of the city I got caught by the simple and well familiar plant of "Löwenzahn" which drove my imagination from that moment on. How can I be this plant? How is it to have a head of fragile, soft, and so elegant elements? 

The idea of making a mask out of that part of nature immediately clicked to my former "MASKS as IDENTITIES" project, and my aim is to reveal, in a symbolic way, the process of how an identity is being shaped by the current environments based on past representations of one's self. 

3 self-portrait/masks were born in Linz, Austria, 2020, which helped me reveal hidden sides of myself such as fears and insecurities. The creation of the masks allowed me to reveal those fears and be able to openly acknowledge and fight them. Losing contact with one's inner voice, disconnection from nature due to overstimulation and inability to live in the present moment were my discoveries symbolically represented in these portraits. 

The project is followed by the fictional notes from a tribe observation: "... in special occasions such as self-isolation, the members of the E-tribe experiment with themselves in ways that connect them with "The Nature", also called as "their Nature", a long lost contact that vanished in times of extended socializing."


The colorful sealed face. See but don't speak woman!

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