From the 1st of November, I will be organizing personalized online classes on movement awareness and personal expression through improvisation. Our case study will be "THE SPACE" in various conditions.

We will approach:


the physical space,

the imaginary space,

the inner space,

the in-between space,

the social space,

the familiar or the uncanny space,

the space of our home,

the spaces of our body,

and the spaces where our bodies live. 

The classes focus on the sense of touch as a fundamental sense of recognizing the worlds we inhabit, in order to build our own language of navigation in space and time.


Although we sense with our full-body, the hands play a significant role in space exploration, remaining the main bare skin extremity of our body that we use when we need to identify quickly the properties of unknown objects. In these classes, we will imagine our bodies as huge hands and we will thoroughly dive into an exploration of the spaces that surround us in our everyday life and build our spatial awareness. 

Using a mixed practice of self-expression that navigates between readings, discussion, drawings, and movement, these classes can be useful for people who want to get familiar with their own body responses in space stimulation, and no prior experience is required.


It is a tool for self-exploration in order to improve creativity, body and language expression, to build body posture, and body awareness in various spaces, and improve human-space and human-human relations, on a personal and social level. 

The classes can be customized to the background of each participant. 

Classes can be useful to architects and visual artists, who want to work on Somatic Architecture* and Design Embodiment*, as well as for performance-interdisciplinary artists who are interested to improve the ability to interconnect the various fields of research. 




space of choice
let's agree on that...

Contact me here for more information or to apply for a first trial 40' meeting for free.