I am facilitating group & personalized online classes on movement awareness and personal expression through improvisation. Our case study will be "THE SPACE" in various conditions.

We will approach:


the physical space,

the imaginary space,

the inner space,

the in-between space,

the social space,

the familiar or the uncanny space,

the space of our home,

the spaces of our body,

and the spaces where our bodies live. 

The classes focus on the sense of touch as a fundamental sense of recognizing the worlds we inhabit, in order to build our own language of navigation in space and time. Through TOUCH our space will become the reflections of our imaginaries, of our inner stories.


Our hands play a significant role in space exploration, remaining the main bare skin extremity of our body that we use when we need to identify quickly the properties of unknown objects. In these sessions, the hands will be the eyes of our bodies, and from there we will start all our spatial and bodily navigatinos.

In these classes, we will imagine our bodies as huge hands, and we will dive into an exploration of the spaces that surround us in our everyday life.



50' (short class, guided exploration)
90' (long class, guided exploration & personalized feedback time)


75' ( 50' guided exploration, 25' group feedback time)


in between ONLINE & the space of your choice
because what connects us is always in the space in between!


MARCH - MAY 2021
I will be accepting registrations until the 31st of March.


private classes: start from 25 euros but I also have flexible packages, so please contact me for details. 
group classes:  10 euros/class

Contact me here for more information,

to apply for an introduction call,

or to book your first class. 

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