Creative Aerial Movement Impro Amsterdam

This Aerial Movement Improvisation Workshop is a small research aiming to break some rules. Rules that we put to ourselves while being suspended and moving in a certain way as a result of technique and safety methods. 

Moving safely will still be still our priority, but we are going to focus also on how to say a story in the air. What are the personal elements that come through our body language and how we can let them appear while improvising in the air. 

By breaking some movement patterns we will understand our bodily situation first on the ground and gradually moving into the floating space. 

We are going to take a step closer to our personal "hidden" intuitions, feelings, aims, and movement vocabulary and attempt to give a message to the viewer through our movement improvisation. 

This aerial movement workshop is a 3-day-practice 
of 3-hour-sessions/day, of combined conceptual and practical exercises.

Each session is divided into two part. 

In the first part, we will be sharing ideas and thought of what inspires us and we will try to inject them into our improvisational exercises, whereas in the second part we will integrate those thoughts and results into our ground/aerial movement improvisation, through solo and collective works. 

*The workshop is open for any aerial disciplines (silks, ropes, slings, trapeze, hoop....) We'll just let ourselves free to new combinations of them all!!! This workshop is addressed to aerialists of medium and advanced level of aerial experience. 


day 1: 

20' talking and sharing of information

70' solo warm-up and solo/partner improvisation exercises, focusing on "pressure qualities and control". (pressure on the floor, on materials, on other bodies)

break 15'-20'

90' guided aerial movement improvisation on given combination

day 2:

20' talking and sharing of information 

70' collective warm-up and solo/collective improvisation exercises. emphasis on the speed, duration, acceleration and slow down qualities. 


break 15'-20'

90' repetition of the guided aerial improvisation in detail and introduction to the process of breaking the patterns. The session ends with a new version of the combination altered by the participant's personal movement vocabulary. 

day 3:

20' talking and sharing of information

70' collective creative warm up.


In this last day, when hopefully we already know each other a bit more, we will work with more personal concepts and ideas of improvised movement in various forms. (we will use cameras, papers, and charcoal). 


10' self-organized task. 


80' (3 * 20') of solos or collective movement improvisation. We will be performers and observers and come to a dialogue with each other. To that point, my wish is to build a bridge in between the air and the earth, the aerial movement and the ground, the performer and the observer, as we are all parts of the same play. 


End of the workshop: there is no time limit for this part. Time for feedback and sharing of our overall experience.


Artists of other disciplines (visual artists, painters, dancers) who would like to interact with aerialists are also welcome!



Friday 28/09 17:00-20:00

Saturday 29/09 10:00-13:00

Sunday 30/09 10:00-13:30



3days/early bird: 99 euros (limited spots)

3days/late package: 120 euros