La maison des chèvres- the house of the goats. Years of sheltering, comfort, and protection. All present as pieces of evidence of former life.


This place became for a while my home, a moment of body awareness. My moment of comfort in an uncomfortable position, only because it comes together with the realization of earth forces, the power of the wind and the feeling of absorption, resistance and balance.

live performance in Leonidio, 2017

Concept/performance: Eleni Danesi

Photos: Roman/Linus

Climbing sector :C.Ciavaldini, J. Pearson

 Route: Mikro Chioni by J. Jägermeier

La maison des chèvres

Rope Balance

is a balance study in an old Quarry in the mountains of Leonidio. This Quarry was my grandfather's life job, a place that memorized a lot of hard and dangerous work, moments of collaborative success, moments of tiredness and frustration, moments to fill a life's timeline.


The old construction, laying there, no longer performing, is used in a new unknown way. We experience its stability balancing on unstable "grounds", rope lines suspended from the chore of the construction. We experience the in-between space trying to create paths of connectivity, not only literally (reaching from one side to the other) but also imaginably, by creating connections between the experience and our archive of memories. The sense of balance is present both as an actual and necessary action and as a feeling of synchronous existence in the present place and the imagery of the mind's landscapes.

Rope balance

video performance in Leonidio, 2016


Concept/performance: Eleni Danesi

Camera: Evi Stamou

Interview with my Grandfather, 2015