The 5-session-laboratory will give a comprehensive overview of our approach to TOUCH from different perspectives and will prepare the participants to explore their bodies in their own time and spaces. Each session, though, is a complete approach to touch from a particular point of view or theory, therefore, can be attended independently.

23rd October, Friday 11:00-13:00
30th October, Friday 11:00-13:00
6th November, Friday 11:00-13:00
13th November, Friday 11:00-13:00
20th November, Friday 11:00-13:00

5 Sessions [65euros]  !!!special price for participants who come as a couple: 110 euros/ couple*
1 Session [15euros]  ----  [25euros/couple]*

Eleni Danesi is a body Architect and performance artist working on Somatic Architecture and theories of body and space perception, born in different cultural and social contexts.

She studied Architecture at the National Univesity of Athens and completed a Master on Architecture and Symbiotic systems in design and arts at the University of Thessaly. She is an aerial artist specializing in trapeze and ropes, which she uses as tools of exploration of spatial and bodily perception. In the last years, she introduced in her field of research practices on the human touch, as an attempt to understand the generation of authentic, personal movement in relation to inhabited spaces. She is the founder and director of the LatoMeio Project, a meeting point for arts, research, and creative expression.

She lives in the space "in Between" Berlin and Leonidio, Greece.
Her research and practice have been inspired and influenced by people and groups such as Rootless Root, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Un loop pour l' homme, Damien Jalet, the Gaga movement, the Co-Touch project, as well as by the texts of J. Pallasma on the relation of body and architecture, the phenomenology of G. Bachelard and Μ. Ponty, the freedom in the books of J. Cortazar and the realistic fiction of the Martian Chronicles World, by Ray Bradbury.

In the seminar, we will follow COvid-19 distancing regulation. We will focus on touch from a personal and individual point of view and no touching between the participants is not required. For a better and deeper understanding tough, *any participant can join with a partner they already know and participate as a couple.  

For more information on the schedule and the thematics or any other question please fill the form of interest that you will find under the "booking" button below. Your reservation will not happen automatically but only under confirmation with myself (Eleni Danesi).