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molding the void cover photo ARTISTRAUM-

We will research on the “Ma” space through improvisational exercises of ground and aerial movement, painting, filming, music, object installations, text. The “Ma” is the space between the letters, the pause between the notes, the white paper that is revealed after we paint on it, the possibilities of movement in an installation of objects, the experience of a moving hanging body. 

This is a 4-day-research workshop [16 hours in total] + performance presentation with live music.  

Floor, walls, space in between. The body as a horizontal surface. The body as vertical boundary. The free body in floating space. 

Our bodies are the sensors and detectors of the architectural space, of the space in between, the nonconstructed space. They are able to absorb characteristics of the inhabited environments in ways that make sense to their survival patterns. Without even realizing it, we are molded by shapes around us while at the same time we are responding to a constant exchange of structural information of materiality. 

This research workshop is a cross-disciplinary study on the perception of our bodies in architectural environments. By the term “architectural environments”, we refer not to what is constructed with materials (bricks, stones, wood…) but to what lays in between. In Japanese culture, this in-between space is called “ma”, the negative space, the space between the edges, between the beginning and the end, space and time in which we experience life.



Every day we will be working on different modes of improvisation, getting to know our tools individually and become familiar with their potentiality.

Our aim will be to mix and match them, shifting from one medium to the other. By giving a variety of materials and techniques, we will explore ways of interconnectivity and flow, in an attempt to blur the boundaries of our performative expression.  

We will be working individually but also in pair and groups in order to become “one body” and work collectively for the construction of the “collective body sculpture”.  


Every day we will be working for 4 hours + half hour in the end for feedback and thought concerning the presentation.  On the last day, we will work 4 hours in the morning, and our research will focus on the way we would like to present our results (improvisation and composition)


Last day in the evening: estimated time of performance is 1 hour plus time for talking with the audience about our project and the results while enjoying some wine and music time.   



Floor/walls/objects/gravity/pressure: the initiation of the movement.  

Body awakening/ circulation/ movement flow/ connection with the given space. Movement improvisation exercises to arrive and acknowledge the space. We will be working both inside and outside. Warm clothes will be necessary!!!


Camera, Paper, pencils and colors : Drawing and camera improvisations in dialogue with sounds.

There will be paper, you can bring your painting/drawing tools. Use your smartphone to film, if you don’t have, we’ll give you one! We’ll be working on how forms are captured in painting and filming while moving. ( capturing what is moving, capturing while moving )


Constructions: objects/ fabrics/ bodies as sculptures.  Building the collective body: an exercise of an ever-moving body in transformation, made of objects, fabrics a human matter. Bring old fabrics or clothes and think of scissors in the case you’d need to cut them.


Aerial space: floating bodies and the hanging sculpture.  We will be dealing with the question: How can our floor work be detached from the ground and explore/invade the floating space? We will attempt to build a floating installation of objects/materials and bodies, bringing together all our results of the previous experiments. In this installation, we will invent our own/brand new/collective ways of moving and evolving in space and time. 

The workshop is addressed to people who are interested in exploring the “Ma” space in between arts and different forms of expression. We invite painters, floor or aerial movers, musicians, architects, actors, storytellers, people not related to those fields at all but who are very open to experience their body and surrounding space in a different way, and to any other creatures who can contribute with their presence to our self/body perceptual enrichment.   

“The growing experiences of alienation, detachment and solitude in the technological world today, for instance, may be related to a certain pathology of the senses. (…) With the loss of tactility, architecture becomes inhumane, unreal. It is transformed into stage sets for the eye, which lose all authenticity in matter and construction.”


(Juhanni Pallasma, 2005) 

Thursday 17:00-21:00

Friday 17:00-21:00

Saturday 11:00-15:00

Sunday 13:00-17:00 + performance 18:30



EARY BIRD 100 euros {until 15/01/2018}

BIRD 120 euros {until 31/01/2018}


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