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online meeting 6-9 May

According to J. Palasma, we can see the world with our skins, and we can think with our hands.

Touching the world makes our bodies evolve through time, building step by step our bodily intelligence. Manmade or natural Architecture reveals to us part of our inner landscapes-our mindscapes, once we get in touch with them.


These images arise inside our bodies to show us what we are familiar with, what scares us, what feels warm or distant and these are all evidence of our past experiences. These experiences have already shaped us, they have given us the form we have now, the body as we own it, our current BODYSCAPE.


But how could we be the architects of this body?

                                                                      How can we create a picture of our future BODYSCAPES? 

BWSequence 01.Still003.jpg

Active touching and space awareness can give us the tools to influence our bodies with the right information and become our own body-sculptors.

In my work, I am interested in the movement that rises when one interferes with objects and spaces in an attempt to achieve self-understanding. Self-suspension and the relation with Gravity is one of my main source of inspiration and bodily reflection


In this workshop, I will guide you through spatial explorations in which we will let the body discover connections with materiality and follow the impulse to move. It's a clear feeling happening in the moment of connection and disconnection with materiality and in this workshop series, I am looking at the cause of body movement through the lenses of phenomenological philosophical, and poetic expression. 


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