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Placenta: Latin word for a type of cake. in Greek: πλακόεντα - flat, slab-like


"Shape the placenta as follows: place a single row of tracta along the whole length of the base dough. This is then covered with the mixture [cheese and honey] from the mortar. Place another row of tracta on top and go on doing so until all the cheese and honey have been used up. Finish with a layer of the placenta in the oven and put a preheated lid on top of it ... When ready, honey is poured over the placenta"

[Around the Roman Table, University of Chicago Press. p. 184-185. ISBN 0226233472.]


Body filming and layering. The body attached to the wall in order to exchange vital information on movement survival. Receiving solidity, receiving verticality, aligning the body structure to the wall and create a formative relationship.

The pink fabric used as a metaphor for Umbilical Cord, and as a Uterus-like environment, where the body is isolated from the actual room, but still sensitive to coordinate itself with intuition and touch.


The whole body remains alert during the escaping process and the transfer from one environment (the inner natural space) to the outside world (the constructed, cubical space), and is found in constant kinaesthetic development, as its whole surface is stimulated to move.

concept/performance/editing:  ELENI DANESI

original music by: James Blake | pan





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