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e  c  d  y  s  i  s

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If a “thing” can lose its identity only by throwing it against a wall-if a “thing” can lose its identity by using the forces of your body to smash it out of desperation to the point that you can't recognize it anymore, then this thing is no longer this thing, it can be called “another thing”, but clearly is not the first “thing” anymore. The essence of its matter is altered, its form and consistency have been treated INTENSELY with thought and action-motion. And you don't recognize it anymore. In fact, you have changed too. If these forces and actions are so strong to change the matter, then you have changed too. You are within this system and you change along. No force, being that strong to change the matter in your hand, would only affect the matter. Its transformation has an impact on you.


egg gugg blue.jpg

Or maybe it was you who was earlier transformed and impacted the forces in the first place? In fact, little does it matter. What is important is to learn to detect the moment. Not to see, foresee the outcome, what is going to be. Just to feel the crack of the moment that tells you that something will be as this moment is now.


And now, 7 years later, I feel another crack of a moment. This time is the sound of the metamorphosis. The egg became an insect whose body we witness in a moment in time. But this is actually the exuviae of this insect which just underwent a process of ecdysis and entered another state of form. It is not possible at this moment to know where it went and how it looks like. Hopefully, the scientist can give us some answers soon on the species that are captured here. It is said that by looking closely at the exuviae, they can even find out about its sex.


[text Excerpt from the "Diaries of Metamorphosis, a process of Ecdysis"]


medium: egg on paper

Linz, 2021

#concept photography


#new insect species

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