So-mAt-ic is a research WORKSHOP based on improvisation. My artistic work and research archive on the concept of PLEASURE, was the occasion for the participants to surrender themselves to a personal wandering in their mental record. 
Using exercises to reconnect with their imaginary and empirical inventory, they connected with the material, that is available for interaction, with the inner world and the projections of a third person. The material of the action was recorded in order to return to the original distributor, me, to recompose the projections on my work, into a new narrative.


The process focuses on the interplay between the individual and the environment, that defines our view of the world. In this workshop, the participants were coming from various fields and each one contributed to the enrichment of the academic perspective on the given topic "rituals of pleasure, pleasures of rituals" and organized a non-verbal, but more experiential dialogue on the matter.




research/ concept: Eleni Danesi
camera: Evi Stamou, Eleni Danesi
Editing: Eleni Danesi Evi Stamou, Pietro Radin

Sound based on the documentary: Isolated: The Zo'é tribe

Concept: Eleni Danesi

Photo credits:

Evi Stamou

Outdoor workshops-performance based on my research about somatic situations based on pleasure, torture, cultural imprisonment, sexuality, shamanism & rituals. A collection of information was at the disposal of the participants, who let themselves follow a bodily and mental experience and be present in a moment of sharing their personal coding of the