OPIATE refers to an opiate condition, an incorrect or unrealistic perspective to reality. But is it really unrealistic? 

The piece is an experiential non-choreographed work in progress, that is built upon synchronous improvisation, 

giving the performer the opportunity to discover, over and over, pieces of herself and her physical condition which she offers back to the public as an act of unconscious expression of the moment. 


The produced images offer a range of feelings between indifference, suffocation, entrapment and absolute domination, enjoyment, satisfaction, and well-being. The feelings experienced by the Performer, are freely and honestly delivered to the viewer, beyond any pretentious impression of absolute control of any situation. And this is the synchronous reality, in the present moment. 


The main tool of the project is the rope, which, both with its 

practical dimension (the act of binding) and the symbolism that it engages, brings the viewer into contact not only with the "deeper, hidden, meanings" of a performance, 

(which we often look for in vain), but also with a more practical dimension of life's every day actions, 

from which we are often drifted away.  


The body, dominant in the process, is there to absorb all the forces that are being exerted on it, to process their impact and to return to the public a creative interpretive reflection. 

live performance at XoroXronos festival, ATHENS, 2016


Concept/performance: Eleni Danesi

Sound Editing: Eleni Danesi

Video Editing: Eleni Danesi



live performance at International Aerial Dance Festival, IRLAND, 2015

oncept/performance: Eleni Danesi

Sound Editing: Eleni Danesi