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Our home, who we are.Our dream home, who we want to be. How often do we take a break in our life to look in our home, to see who we are at a certain moment? What have we collected so far? What are the things that surround us?

This piece was made at a certain moment in my life when I had to consider my home, home no more. That was my moment, my pause to put my belongings in a shopping cart and knit them in public. Later did I realize that this action was a very direct form of exposing parts of myself. Besides my belongings or the things that surrounded me in that period, I consider knitting one of the deepest roots of me, not only as memories of my early life but also as one of the most fundamental practices of a society, connecting needs from sheltering to meditation.

This installation was presented at

#Default festival in Tsalapata Museum in Volos, 2015, as a 4-hour-knitting performance.

#Default Art Festival

Knitiing installation at Tsalapata Museum, in Volos, 2015

concept: Eleni Danesi

performers: Eleni Danesi / Aggeliki Meli





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