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The Vulva Project 



a space for collective care


The Vulva Project started as a visual exploration of the experience of the anatomy of the female body with a case study of my own body. Using different visual tools, like drawing improvisation, prints on carved rubber, collages on 17th-century illustrations on the anatomy of pregnancy and birth, mixed media technique of photo-projection on skin, immersive installation and more, I am curious about the body as a space we can experience both from the inside (trying to perceive the inner organs through sensations) and from the outside (experiencing other bodies through touch or attempting to reflect on the experience of once living inside the body of another human-our mother's. 

This journey and exploration have been the focus of my own personal trials to build a holistic perception and image of my self and body and use philosophical and experiential means to tackle upon the human experience of gestation and birth of the self we construct/experience as adults, a phase of self-incubation. 

While we try to build an image for ourselves in the present, this image is highly informed by our experiences in the past starting already from the time in the belly of our mother, as well as informed by the projections of who we want to become in the future. Both past and future affect our choice in the present and on the other hand recent interactions can reveal who we have been and what we have experienced through emotional signals in our body-spaces. 

This is ongoing research that is now in the phase of fund research in order to create an interactive immersive installation as a space for Collective Incubation and Collective-Care. 

"Womb: self-incubation"
Digital collage 1, Berlin 2022
"Womb: self-incubation"
Digital collage 2, Berlin 2022
self incubation 2.jpg
self incubation 1.jpg
self incubation 3.jpg
Photo projection : photo-collage on SKIN
"Attempts of Self-Incubation"
Berlin-Leonidio, 2022-2023

Concept-Collage: Eleni Danesi
Photo: Denise Ackerl
Eleni Danesi The WOMB 1.jpg
Eleni Danesi The WOMB 6.jpg
Eleni Danesi The WOMB 2.jpg
Eleni Danesi The WOMB 4.jpg
Eleni Danesi The WOMB 5.jpg
The Womb: a space for collective care, INNERSCAPE festival, 2021
"The Womb: the first space we ever lived in"
Ppoposal for a articipatory Immersive Installation 
Concept / Prompt design: Eleni Danesi

Linz, Austria, 2023Linza
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