Eleni Danesi,

is a body architect, artist and performer, and movement practitioner.

She studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and continued her postgraduate studies in Architectural Design "Symbiosis" at the University of Thessaly. 

Since 2012 she is active in the field of contemporary performance and aerial movement practices, which she combines with her background in architecture and space design. 

In 2014 she founded LatoMeio Project [a collective of artists who gather their interests, passions, and skills to create projects of interdisciplinary approaches and interpretations], where she works as an individual artist, as project manager and curator or as a workshop instructor. Branch of LatoMeio Project is LatoMeio Aerials, through which she organizes experimental movement workshops on silks, trapeze,corde lisse, in cities around Greece and in Europe. 


As an artist she works on body installations (somatics), video art, video performance, photography, combining architecture, bodily expression, and experimentation.


She is a researcher on cultural practices, focusing her interest on the representation of the human body in different cultures, societies, and social groups "in relation to" or "by the cause of" psychological and sociological forces. Following a methodology of improvisation and her own research patterns, she ends up creating mixed media pieces that stand out as individual moments of expression or as part of a more complex narrative, following the labyrinth of fastly produced connection of thought and images.  


Her last work in progress is a multimedia project called "Me Myself & EI" (Mixed media exploration of the relationship between, "me, myself and an EI"-egg in German-, that creates passages between random thoughts pilling up in one's head while left alone).

Her last collective work with LatoMeio Project was "The Martian Chronicles Residency" in Leonidio, Greece, a collective work of 10 artists of various fields, based on the homonymous book of Ray Bradbury-a multilayered book- which the artist used for inspiration, in order to create individual and collaborative pieces that would stick together as a unity. 


She is one of the founding members of her side-project "Panjika Cooperative", a non-profit cooperative of various fields of interest, such as sports climbing, culture and arts, music concerts, artistic projects, environmental sustainability etc, where she works seasonally as creative director and exhibition curator. 


She currently shares her time between Athens & Berlin. 

Eleni practiced with: 


/// Jenny Haack- Soundlab, movement and sound improvisation


/// Keith Hennessy- performance techniques-movement improvisation-political voice


/// Luke Murphy- vigilante-movement research


/// Antonis Anisegos-music improvisation

/// Alexandros Psychoulis-artistic practice


/// Judith Sanchez Ruiz-Your own God/movement improvisation


/// Rootles Root-fighting monkey


/// Tom Weksler- flow acrobatics


/// Un Loup pour l' homme-rolling dogs (acrobatics)


/// Emiliano Ron-aerial rope,


/// Giannis Karounis: contemporary dance


/// Piere Magendie: contemporary movement.