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creative MOVEMENT

The workshops are designed for aerialists, dancers, climbers, visual artist, sound artists and any other artists interested in observing-understanding- exploring - redefining movement.


This series of workshops are meant to be experimental. Mechanisms of openness and connectivity will be introduced, with the aim to explore our ways of understanding, explaining, and working with the given space and a given group of people. 


Through improvisation, we warm up and explore our personal space. How is our body in constant dialogue with an ever-changing environmental system? Where do we stand within it? How do we communicate with ourselves and how we process the information we receive? How we develop personal choices in relation to an environment? How we build relationships and what are the mechanisms of maintaining or breaking them while feeling secure about our movement choices and speak our minds among each other. 


The aim of this workshop is to bring together artist of different backgrounds and organize an open dialogue between various interpretations of the same reality. 


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