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Is a weekly group session, where participants explore their inner mental pathways and their imaginary architecture expressed through drawing-writing-discussing.

Through the practice of mental mapping, inspired by the urbanist K. Lynch, you will learn how to understand and describe the space of your imagination, which is the space of our deep desires

and where our most authentic ideas dwell.

Practicing to articulate our inner spaces and being bold to share our intimate parts with others in safe and supportive ways, we grow our ideas and therefore ourselves in a meaningful collective way. 

thinking by moving

is a weekly group session where we learn how to detect the thoughts that arise in our minds while moving. By exploring a range of movement both in terms of speed and in quality, we will become aware of what is called "embodied cognition", the knowledge that we carry within our bodies and which we can reveal by setting ourselves in motion. 


Using a variety of exercises to stimulate and interconnect our thinking and moving we will create weekly visualizations of our present mental and physical state, a self-representation of how we experience our BODYMINDS, and we will learn how to implement this knowledge to organize action boards towards our goals and aspirations.   

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