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Ambiances of Movement

A few words on AMBIANCES and my latest reflections on what I do, how and why.

The theory of ambiances, or atmospheres, is an interdisciplinary framework that explores the sensory dimensions of spaces and their impact on human behavior, emotions, and social interactions. This theory is particularly relevant to fields like architecture, urban planning, environmental psychology, and the arts, as it considers how physical environments and their sensory qualities—such as light, sound, temperature, and texture—contribute to the creation of specific moods or atmospheres.

It argues that our understanding and interaction with spaces go beyond visual aesthetics or functionality, involving a complex interplay of sensory experiences that shape our perception, emotions, and actions within a space. Yet, for me, the aesthetic representation of the felt experience is also a challenging process that connects the experience with elements like colors, textures, representation of movement, and relationships and this is what I am currently exploring through AI.

How close can I come with the crafting of my prompt and references, to describe my personal felt experience or the ones that I desire to experience?

In the context of my work, the theory of ambiances aligns with the exploration of body-mind relationality and embodiment, highlighting the affective, environmental, societal, and political significance of spaces.

It offers a nuanced approach to understanding how spaces influence well-being, learning skills, and the quality of relationships. By integrating the theory of ambiances into my practice, I explore of how imagined and physical environments influence individuals and communities, supporting the creation of spaces that foster interconnectivity, creativity, and holistic well-being.

My focus at the moment is to recognize the ambiances of our internal/psychological landscapes to design (e)CO-logies of CARE and CONNECTION with others, using the imagination as a catalyst for envisioning structural changes and new practices to activate Imaginaries for Environmental Transformation. I do that by applying the concept in various formats from movement workshops to open innovation processes, from performances to participatory design practices.

In the past 7 years, I have been developing my methodologies to use as a foundation for designing spaces & experiences to explore embodiment that resonates with my vision of (e)CO-Realities*, and the broader objectives of my creative practice. I will be publishing slowly more of my practice of the last 7 years on perceptive mechanisms, the ambiances of Movement, and the neuroscience of change, so if you are interested let's connect!

Ambiances for a Modular Participatory Performance

The images are co-created with Midjourney during an exploration of the ambiances of a performance concept I am currently working on. For more articles and material, you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive notifications for project releases, events of blog posts.

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