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[concept for an immersive interactive VR experience, a self-exploration on the boundaries between physicality and digitslity from an Ecosomatic perspective, as a means to blend the two worlds in an ecological and transformational way]

"All environments affect our development as humans and determine drastically our relational position towards other species, the living or non-living matter that surrounds us."

This is the idea that I am working on at the moment which I am trying to research in visual and embodied ways as a practice of the Embodiment of Democratic Interrelations.

Working with 'Ecosomatics' as the intersection and coupling of deep understanding of environments as complicated meaningful ecosystems and Somatic practices as the practices of meeting our bodies in their full potential: through cognition, senses, narratives, emotions, energy, language, awareness, logic, and thinking, I am trying to build practices and artistic methodologies that result in embodied knowledge rather than presupposed and predetermined results.

These images are the result of the combination of Imaginary Utopian Bodyscapes, created in collaboration with AI that translated text into images.

The idea is to infuse the machine with combinations of words that reflect these new realities of harmonious co-existence, a network of bodies of various species that connect and exchange valuable information nourishing one another. I find these interconnections as the base for DEMOCRACIES rising as the effect of these interdependent relationships.

By working with physically existing landscapes together with imaginary poetic landscapes created in collaboration with AI machines, I approach the process of digital space design as a reflective field for experimentation, rather than an exciting arena of temporary entertainment.

The idea of "entanglement" coming from the expanded life of mycelium that connects life and organisms in all directions, helps me understand and visualize landscapes not as forms that develop outside of the boundaries of my own body, but rather as everchanging environments that include the diverse spectrum of body formations of various species co-existing and sharing space.

This spatial negotiation is a mode of eco-living in the natural world. The question is why humans are so resistant to that model of (e)co-living, why do humans choose to always TAKE SPACE rather than SHARE SPACE?

These images are also the result of my work with physical movement and improvisation in order to explore and test the collaborative potential of physical and digital spaces and the moving possibilities inside them. I use movement as a creative force and a design tool and I experiment with:

physical movement: testing the physical impact on our bodies,

mental representations of movement: testing mental imagery and emotions evoked from imagined motion

& with digital representations of movement: to reflect on the effect it has on our bodies, and what they trigger as physical and mental activities.

Reflecting on the results of these bodily experiences, I create word-combinations and poetic texts that reflect these interdependent relationships between human bodies and other species (whether we call them living or non-living). These texts interpreted by AI machine learning give the result of images that hopefully reflect these new meanings. They work as a signifier that evokes the signified meaning and sensation,

with the intention to contribute to a generation of mindful physical & digital space design that enriches our spatial, bodily, and ecological awareness.

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